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Family Fleet Insurance: Overview

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your family’s safety is to keep them safe while travelling. Having access to a fleet of vehicles can make commuting to work, school, and appointments much more easy. However, with these benefits also come new obligations and hazards. That’s why it’s important to get insurance for the family vehicle fleet. As more and more households make use of numerous vehicles, family fleet insurance has emerged as a practical way to ensure everyone’s safety.

These days, it’s common for households to have more than one vehicle to accommodate their transportation needs. Family fleet insurance is a specific sort of vehicle insurance that is tailored to families with multiple vehicles. This coverage option allows you to insure all of your family’s vehicles under a single policy, saving you money over-insuring them separately. Family vehicles can be anything from vehicles to vans to even motorcycles. Beyond the simplicity of dealing with a single policy, it provides a plethora of additional advantages.

Coverages options:

1. Collision coverage:

In the event of an accident, your family’s vehicles can be repaired or replaced with the help of an optional coverage called collision coverage, regardless of who was at blame. This is especially helpful for family fleet insurance, as it guarantees that your vehicles are covered even if there is no other driver on the road. It can be especially helpful if your fleet consists of expensive, recently purchased vehicles.

2. Comprehensive coverage:

Your vehicles are protected against anything other than collisions with comprehensive coverage. This includes destruction brought on by things like theft, vandalism, and even natural calamities. You can rest easy knowing that your family’s fleet of vehicles is protected against a variety of hazards with a family fleet insurance policy, reducing the likelihood that you’ll have to pay for costly repairs or replacements out of pocket.

3. Medical payments coverage:

MedPay, or medical payment coverage, compensates you and your passengers for medical care costs you suffer due to an accident, regardless of who was at fault. In the event of an accident, this might provide financial security and peace of mind for the family. It can help pay for things like deductibles and co-payments that health insurance typically doesn’t.

4. Legal expenses coverage:

For those who wish to have their loved ones protected in the event of a legal issue following a car accident, legal expense coverage is a crucial add-on. You can seek compensation or defend yourself against allegations without suffering huge legal expenses thanks to this coverage for legal fees, court costs, and counsel.

5. Breakdown coverage:

Coverage if one of your vehicles breaks down is invaluable, but it’s especially helpful for families. This protection can help you and your loved ones get back on the road swiftly and safely in the event of an emergency, such as a flat tire, engine trouble, or electrical failure.

Additional coverages:

· Key replacement cover:

When your keys or key chains are lost, stolen, or broken, a key replacement cover can assist mitigate the associated costs. This protection can help you avoid financial hardship in the event of a major loss or breakage.

· Windshield cover:

Windshield cover provides financial security for fixing or replacing broken windshields and panes. It’s especially crucial for families, as even a small crack can pose serious safety risks if left unchecked.

· European cover:

If your family frequently travels to Europe, European coverage can be necessary. You may drive with peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is covered in the event of an accident anywhere in Europe thanks to this policy.family fleet vehicles

Factors affecting the cost of family fleet insurance:

Young drivers consideration

You should be aware of how the age of young, inexperienced drivers in your family can affect the cost of insuring your family’s fleet of vehicles. Insurance rates for young drivers are typically much higher because of the perceived higher risk they pose on the road. It’s possible to get a discount on family fleet insurance if your teen driver takes and passes a driver education course or gets and keeps good grades.

Usage-based insurance

Usage-based insurance (UBI) is a feature of several types of family fleet insurance. Telematics are used in UBI to track how their vehicles are operated. Your driving patterns can then be used by insurers to determine your rate. This is a good alternative for families who value safe driving, as it can result in lower premiums if you all drive safely.


Make sure you are familiar with the policy’s excess (also called the deductible) for your family’s fleet of vehicles. The excess is the amount you are responsible for paying before your insurance policy begins to pay anything. Choosing a bigger excess will lower your premiums, but it means you’ll need to cover more costs in the event of a claim. Choose an excess amount that is affordable for your loved ones.

Scheduled policy reviews

Family requirements and life situations are constantly evolving. It is important to reevaluate your family fleet insurance coverage regularly to make sure it still fulfils your needs. Several life events should encourage you to examine your policy and make any necessary revisions, including adding additional vehicles or drivers, a change in residence, or a shift in your typical usage patterns.

Bundling policies

If you require many types of insurance, like car, home, and life, you can save money by purchasing them all from the same company. Bundling numerous policies with the same insurer usually results in price reductions for the customer.

Routine maintenance

Encourage family members to keep up with routine vehicle maintenance to save money on insurance premiums. Accidents caused by mechanical problems are reduced in well-maintained vehicles. This may result in lower insurance costs for cautious motorists.

Claims history

Keep a clean driving record by not making any unnecessary claims and driving safely. If you file a lot of claims, your premiums may go up and your insurer may decide not to renew your insurance at all. To keep insurance costs low, safe driving and careful claim handling are so crucial.

Frequently asked questions

· Does family fleet insurance have an age limit for covered drivers?

Drivers of all ages, from parents to teenage children, are typically covered under family fleet insurance coverage. However different insurance companies have different rules and requirements regarding age. Insurers may charge more to young drivers, especially those who are under the age of 25 because they are seen as a higher risk. You should talk to your insurer about how your age affects your premiums and coverage.

· Can I individually select coverage for each fleet vehicle?

Yes, it is possible to tailor a family fleet insurance policy to cover each vehicle individually. This allows you to tailor your fleet’s insurance policies to each vehicle’s specific needs and usage patterns. You might, for instance, choose more extensive coverage for the family vehicle, but settle for less complete protection for a second vehicle that sees less regular use.

· In the event of a claim, what would happen?

Family fleet insurance often has a simple claims process in the event of an accident or other claim. You will contact your insurance company to file a claim and provide any relevant details. The insurance company will investigate the claim and make a settlement offer depending on the coverage details in your policy. In the event of an accident, all family members who drive must be familiar with the claims process.

· What if I need to add a driver temporarily?

Temporary or infrequent drivers are typically covered under family fleet insurance coverage. This comes in handy when, say, a member of the family has a friend around who also needs to use a vehicle. Having the opportunity to add temporary drivers can provide flexibility, but it’s important to talk to your insurer about any regulations or restrictions that may apply.

· If a driver gets into an accident, what will happen?

It works the same way that individual vehicle insurance does if one of the covered drivers gets into an accident. The insurance company will be notified of the incident and will conduct an investigation. In the event of a family fleet insurance policy, however, the no-claims bonus may be affected for all insured drivers, not just the one who filed the claim. This means that an accident involving one member of the family could have an effect on the premiums for the rest of the vehicles.

· Is it necessary for every vehicle to be registered at the same address?

In most cases, having all of your vehicles registered to the same address is an essential requirement for obtaining family fleet insurance. The reason for this rule is to guarantee that all members of the household who use the policy’s vehicles are covered. You may not be eligible for family fleet coverage if your vehicles are registered at different addresses, but you can always talk to your insurer about other available choices.

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