Uber has posted some crucial advice as well as safety features in the application. However, there is a great need to understand some more. Recently, Uber has revealed that more than three thousand cases are reported in terms of sexual assault.

No doubt, the given number is a little fraction of the total riders who use Uber, but it seems still scary for the people who want a safe and sound ride. Ride-hailing companies allow you to share your location with your friends and family in no time.

Now, some ride-hailing companies are also offering female drivers for female passengers. In order to keep yourself safe, there is a significant need to keep some considerations in mind. There are also some useful actions that can keep you safe and make your ride convenient.

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Always check the license plate

One of the best ways to make sure that you are getting in a safe car is, ensure that the license plate number and the number given in the application is the same.

Along with the number, you can also use the model of the car in order to identify your car. Never get into the car if the license number or model number does not match with the number given in the app.

It is fascinating to know that Uber offers some more features to identify your ride. With the help of the Uber application, you get the name, model of the car, plate number as well as a photo of the driver. You should double-check all these details before getting into the car.

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Keep the questions and answers in mind

Many people prefer silent rides. However, there is a little bit of talk between the passenger and the rider while getting into the vehicle. Uber driver asks your name as well as the location you want to go to.

According to some recommendations, ask the driver for this information. The reason is that, if they do not know how are you, it means there is something wrong.

Keep the wits regarding you

One of the best things provided by the Uber application is, they allow you to get the most convenient and safe opportunity in order to get to your home or other location. However, if there is any fun night or drinking night, you may forget to check the safety features.

Bear in consideration that, getting impaired increases the overall chances of going wrong during the ride as well as after the ride. Never suppose that all the Uber drivers are honest and good persons.

However, the registered drivers are not interested in such kind of activities. The reason is that a background check is essential. If they had to do something stupid, they will get away. Remind that, even a registered driver can act stupidly at any time.

Watch carefully where you sit

Keep in consideration, if the driver asks to get you into the front seat, here is the opportunity for reassessing the situation. Usually, it is not recommended to sit behind the driver because it is always kind of weird.

In the night, the driver might be transporting someone else. However, if you sit right behind, they cannot see you, and you cannot see them. furthermore, sitting on the back seat as well as on the passenger’s side is convenient for you as well as also for the comfort of the driver.

Look out for red flags

Along with checking the driver’s name and license plate, few other things riders must be kept in consideration. Firstly, there is a great need to look out for the drivers that are not in the car.

The app says they are significantly supposed to be driving as well as they are not seeming to be sober. However, it is suggested, not to get into the cars as well as calling another ride.

Communication is the vital key

Staying in communication with the driver may keep both of you safe. There is no need to be afraid in asking questions. People reported that they feel more comfortable and safer when it’s dark and the driver waits until you get inside.

For you, there is a great need to keep in touch along with your friends. In this way, they will also be aware of the location.

Uber have the great option to share the trip with a friend as well as a family member. They can easily get to know where are you and you are going to your destination safely. Keep in consideration, every time the passenger gets into the car, there is no need for a 12-point safety check. The reason is that there are some things in order to look for.

Never ride impaired

No doubt, rideshares are considered one of the best ways for avoiding driving and drinking. However, if you are tired, drunk or impaired riding in such a situation can make the situation worse and you will be more vulnerable to assault.

Furthermore, when you are riding with your friends who are intoxicated, always help them in order to make sure that they are safe and getting into the right vehicle.  Getting them into the car doesn’t mean they are safe now.

It would be best if you share their location on your device or contact them after some intervals. If you feel fear riding in Uber, don’t rise alone. If there is a need to get off at various stops, communicate aloud that that ride is tracked.

Send feedback

It is one of the best features offered by Uber. If you feel any amiss during the ride such as demand, for personal number, lewd comments as well as poor driving. It’s your right to let the Uber company know what was inappropriate for you.

Get your picked up and dropped off in the safe location

For you, it would be best to get picked up from the populated areas. In many cities, when the bars let out, people call a ride in front of a bar. It is unsafe to pull over as well as it seems challenging in order to find your driver.