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French Bulldog

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French Bulldog Insurance Comparison

French Bulldogs are known for their irresistible wrinkled face, small size, and characteristic bat ears. This breed is famous for its playful antics and huge personalities. Keeping French Bulldogs comes with a responsibility to offer them the best care they deserve.

Choosing the right level of pet insurance does not only cover unexpected vet bills but also allows peace of mind that your beloved companions are protected. You must know the basics of dog insurance plans and the breed information of your dog before taking out an insurance policy.

What are the different types of French Bulldog insurance?

French pet bulldog wearing sunglasses in a carInsurance plans for French Bulldogs come in a variety of levels. The prices and services offered at each level are different. Here’s a breakdown of the main types of available insurance plans for bulldogs.

Lifetime Dog Insurance

This is the most comprehensive insurance cover for French Bulldogs that offers protection throughout your pet’s life. Lifetime dog insurance is renewed each year for a period of 12 months. Coverage limits and health conditions are specified in the insurance plans. You can file an insurance claim if the vet fee limit for a specific illness hasn’t been reached. This insurance plan allows maximum coverage for diseases and injuries your bulldogs may face.

Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance

This policy covers your French Bulldogs for illnesses or accidents up to a specified pre-defined limit. Maximum Benefit insurance is also called per-condition or money-limited insurance. This type of insurance is a mid-range plan that covers each health condition separately up to a pre-set amount. Unlike time-limited cover, you are not limited to only claim for insurance up to 12 months. You are eligible for claims as long as the limit for a disease hasn’t been reached.

Accident Only Cover

The accident-only insurance covers vet treatment costs for accidental injuries. It is the cheapest dog insurance cover available for pets. If your French Bulldog has been involved in an accident, then treatment expenses like an MRI scan, X-ray, surgery, and ongoing treatment could be very expensive. Therefore, having the right type of pet insurance coverage could save you from significant expenses. However, if your pet falls ill, you aren’t eligible to make any claim as it only covers accidents.

Time-Limited French Bulldog Insurance

Time-limited insurance covers accidents and illness for a limited period. This type of insurance offers coverage for diseases up to a specified amount for each illness over a period of 12 months. You won’t be able to claim for a condition if the vet fee limit reaches, or the 12-month time expires, whichever happens earlier.

What is included in French Bulldog insurance?

The costs covered in French Bulldog insurance could vary depending on the type of insurance you purchased and the service provider. Some of the common things included in pet insurance plans are:

  • 24/7 Online Vet Access: Pet insurance offers free unlimited online vet access from UK-based Vets for your French Bulldogs. You can enjoy medical and behavioural support from this service.
  • Vet Treatment Expenses: Insurance covers medical costs up to a pre-defined vet limit for known health issues. The extent of veterinary treatment fees and health conditions may vary depending on the type of insurance. You can claim up to 70 % to 90% of vet fees from insurance entities.
  • Accidental Cost Cover: If your pet suffers any injuries in an accident, the insurance providers will allow you financial protection for all such complications. it may involve coverage for medical expenses, test fees, hospitalization charges and surgery costs.
  • Third-Party Cover: Pet insurance provides cover if your French Bulldog has accidentally killed or injured anyone or caused damage to their property. The maximum limit for such a liability is usually pre-decided. Contrarily, if your dog bites damage your house, home insurance could provide coverage for that including medical or property recovery costs.
  • Overseas Travel: If your pets experience health problems during overseas travelling, you can make a reimbursement claim for such costs. Furthermore, insurance also includes cost coverage if your pet’s travel documents go missing.
  • Boarding Fee: Kenneling your dogs is necessary if you face certain emergencies like hospitalization or something else. You will get the cost protection to take care of your French Bulldogs under such circumstances.
  • Advertisement Expenses: When the pet goes missing, the cost of finding them such as flyer printing expenses or reward payments to the finder is borne by insurance providers.

Insurance aspects for Frenchies are almost similar to English Bulldogs. Both these breeds have potentially similar health issues, however, specific needs might differ.

What is excluded from French Bulldog insurance?

Whatever insurance cover you choose for your French Bulldogs, there are usually certain exclusions. Here are some of the most common costs which are commonly excluded from insurance:

  • Routine vet treatment expenses
  • Dog breeding costs
  • Birth-related or pregnancy expenses
  • Routine dental care charges
  • Dog microchipping expenses
  • Vaccination fee
  • Routine vet visit expenditures
  • Worm or flea treatments for dogs
  • Pre-existing health conditions
  • Costs for spaying and neutering
  • Injuries or diseases during the waiting period for policy approval

Keep in mind that the above-mentioned costs may vary from company to company. Look for the company-specific excluded vet costs while buying insurance for your dogs.

What to look at while choosing a dog insurance plan for French Bulldogs?

With a number of pet insurance services available, shopping for French Bulldogs coverage feels intense. Knowing what to look for helps to quickly figure out what is the appropriate insurance for your dog.

To aid with the process of insurance selection, look for insurance options that allow coverage for:

Genetic Health Problems: Being a purebred dog, Frenchies can experience heredity health conditions like hip dysplasia and other genetic problems. Therefore, choosing the right insurance plan that covers heredity health issues is a suitable choice for French Bulldogs.

Respiratory Health Concerns: Since French Bulldogs are brachycephalic, they are prone to health conditions like nasal problems, sleep, and respiratory issues. Always look for dog insurance that covers respiratory health conditions.

High Vet Limit: Choose an insurance cover that allows maximum vet coverage. A higher vet fee coverage limit can protect you from financial loss if your dog needs any surgery, or is suffering from ongoing health conditions.

What are common Health Problems in French Bulldogs?

Due to selective breeding choices, French Bulldogs can experience many genetic conditions in their lifetime. Some common illnesses include:

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS)

BOAS is one of the common problems found in French Bulldogs. Brachycephalic dog breeds have excessive soft tissues on their skeletons. These tissues fold in places like the face which blocks the airways causing breathing problems. The treatment generally involves the removal of the soft palate and other airway tissues via surgical procedures. It could cost you around £2,000.

IVDD & Hip Dysplasia

French Bulldogs can experience skeletal issues like intervertebral disc disease and hip or elbow dysplasia. Your dogs may show signs of weakness, limping, difficulty in walking, or may become less active than usual. To treat these issues, surgery is needed usually if the problem is severe. This could be costly if you don’t have insurance cover for your dogs.


Likewise, your French Bulldogs may experience allergies and skin problems. Dermatitis is a skin inflammation disease in French Bulldogs. It may appear because of flea bites, or seasonal or food allergies. It is difficult to cure skin allergies but they are manageable with the right treatment. Consult the vet when you notice any signs or symptoms of allergies. They may recommend treatment after conducting certain tests.

Eyes Problems

Your dogs can suffer from eye issues like cataracts, corneal ulcers, cherry eyes, etc. The vet may recommend surgery or medication for the treatment of eye problems. Having the right pet insurance could help cover medical expenses for eye diseases.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are also found in French Bulldogs. They have narrow ear canals with wide entrances that serve as hubs of debris and germs. The symptoms of ear infections include pus-like discharge, itching, scabs or crusting around ears, redness, and swelling. Consult your vet whenever you notice such symptoms in your dogs.

How to choose Bulldog insurance?

Choosing the right pet insurance for your dogs is crucial as it offers financial protection against unexpected future vet costs. Follow this stepwise guide for picking a suitable insurance level for your Bulldogs.

  • Consider the Needs of Your Dog

The first thing you need to do is to analyse your dog’s needs to understand which insurance plan is well suited. For this, you need to consider the age and health conditions of your dogs. Insurance premiums are usually low for puppies and healthy dogs.

  • Decide Type of Coverage

You need to decide what type of insurance is suitable for your French Bulldogs. If you own a puppy, then accident cover is more suitable as it is least likely that they may experience serious illness during early life stages. However, if you want a cover that covers both illnesses and accidents, then go for lifetime insurance.

  • Consider your budget

Always consider your budget while choosing a dog insurance plan. This is because insurance is not a one-time fee. It is a recurring expenditure that needs to be paid over the years. So, choose a plan that allows maximum illness coverage for a reasonable price.

  • Get Quotes & Compare

To find suitable insurance for your dog, get multiple quotes from insurance service providers. Make sure to get quotes for the same type of insurance from all insurance companies. It helps in comparing the prices to find a reasonable pet insurance plan for your French Bulldog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to buy French Bulldog insurance?

The exact cost to buy a French Bulldog insurance is difficult to calculate as it depends on multiple factors. The price of insurance is estimated considering the breed, age, gender, location, types of insurance, medical history, and the insurance company you choose. To get an estimated price for dog insurance, get quotes from insurance companies by providing them with details of your dogs.

How to get cheap dog insurance for French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs are an expensive breed to insure. You can reduce the cost of insurance by opting for multi-dog insurance plans. Insurance companies usually offer 5% to 10% discounts when you insure multiple pets together. Moreover, getting multiple quotes from insurance providers can help you find cheap insurance policies for your French Bulldogs.

Why is pet insurance needed?

Pet insurance is not a legal requirement for dog owners in the UK, but it aids in financing medical bills. Vet treatment costs could range from hundreds to thousands of pounds depending on the severity of the issue. Therefore, having the right level of insurance coverage is beneficial for pet owners to hedge financial risks related to the health of their furry buddies.

What is the best pet insurance for French Bulldogs?

Lifetime insurance best suits French Bulldogs as it allows maximum coverage. Though lifetime insurance is way more expensive than other plans, it is well suited to pedigree breeds who are more prone to genetic problems. The cover refreshes each year making it suitable for dogs experiencing ongoing illnesses.

Is it worth it to buy pet insurance for Bulldogs?

As a pet owner, you are responsible for providing health care services to your dogs. Since French Bulldogs are prone to many health issues due to genetics and facial structure, they require constant vet facilities to get the care they need and deserve. With the right type of dog insurance, you are not only protected against diseases, but it also enables peace of mind. Therefore, taking out insurance for your beloved canine companions is a great step to avoid unexpected vet bills.

Why French Bulldog Insurance is more costly than other dog breeds?

French Bulldogs are a little more expensive to insure than other dog breeds. This is because they are prone to several health problems that increase the likelihood of claims. Frenchie belongs to the pedigree breed, which is susceptible to genetic health conditions. Besides this, the structure of their nasal area increases the risk of various health problems. Therefore, insurance companies charge a slightly high insurance premium for Frenchies.

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