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Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Dogs

From vet bills to boarding expenses, the financial outflows get multiplied if you have multiple pets. As a pet owner, you must seek the best multi-dog insurance provider to minimize routine vet expenditures. Owning a pet comes with a responsibility to provide them all the care they need & deserve.

Having multi-dog insurance doesn’t only reduce your financial burden, but also eases certain other things like just a single renewal date for all canine buddies, and one insurance for all pets.

What is a multi-dog insurance plan?

When you own more than one dog, the cost of providing them with all the facilities quickly piles up. This is where multi-dog insurance steps in to help you.

Multi-dog insurance plans have all the individual characteristics of other dog insurance plans but they come with discounts. Insuring more than one dog together will reduce your insurance cost normally up to 5 to 10%.

You can get customized multi-dog insurance by the mix and match of the right level of coverage and type of insurance suitable for your dog breeds. If you buy insurance separately for all your dogs, the cost will be comparatively more than this. However, you can get quotes for both multi-dog and individual covers to compare which one is more feasible for your dogs.

How Multi Dog Insurance Works?

Multi pet dogs sitting in a gardenJust like individual pet plans, multi-dog insurance works the same way. Each of your pets will have its own policies with coverage that suits it more. So, you do not need to worry about the split of services between the dogs by buying multi-dog insurance.

You can either take out multi-dog insurance at the start or add pets to your current dogs’ insurance later on. This will convert your single-dog insurance into a multi-dog insurance plan. Hence you will be eligible for discounts.

Just like other policies, you are free to decide which insurance policy suits your dog’s breed and what coverage terms you can opt for. This could be different for different pets based on the breed and the related health problems. It’s worth mentioning here that discounts are allowed whenever you renew your insurance plan. So, you can enjoy cost savings on renewal every time.

The renewal date for multi-dog insurance will be the same for all dogs, and while payment you’ll have to pay once for the overall policy.  This will ease the overall struggle of remembering multiple dates for renewing your dog’s insurance. There’s also the facility of changing the type or level of cover while renewing your multi-dog insurance.

What are the benefits of a Multi Dog Insurance?

Opting for dog insurance is not a legal requirement like microchipping in the UK. It’s the personal choice of pet parents to opt for it due to multiple associated benefits. Without insurance in place, you’ll be required to pay all vet costs on your own out of your pocket to fulfil all the needs of your dogs.

Multi-dog insurance is a useful technique for pet parents to lower their overall financial burden related to pets. It is designed in a way to benefit both the customer and the insurance provider. If any unforeseen event (e.g., accident, injury, or disease.) happens that affects your canine buddies, then you will have a certain cushion if you have an existing dog insurance policy.

Multi-dog insurance offers you many benefits.

Ease of getting multiple quotes at once

You can get multiple quotes for all your dogs together by opting for multi-dog insurance. Hence, it will help you ease the process and save time. Similarly, if you have puppies and want insurance for them, get quotes for puppy insurance at once for all babies.

Different breeds coverage with customized insurance plan

Coverage for different pets is included in multi-dog insurance. It means if you own more than one dog breed and they need coverage of different levels for different diseases, the multi-dog insurance will offer customized plans to meet the needs of all your dogs. Please note that not all insurance providers offer customized coverage for dogs in multi-pet insurance coverage. The type of services and coverage may vary across different insurance companies.

Discount Offers

It is not an unusual fact that multi-pet insurance comes with discounts, hence reducing your overall costs of insuring all your pets. The percentage of discount may differ across the industry. Discount offers usually fall between the range of 5%  – 15 %.

One Renewal Date

With multi-dog insurance, you will have only a single renewal date for all your pets. The payment for the insurance will also be once a year or a month for all your dogs based on the payment period you opted for.

Disclaimer: Always check the prices for insuring multiple dogs together and compare them with individual plan costs and also with competitors’ quotes. There is no guarantee that the discounted premium cost will be less than the individual pet plans.

What’s covered in Multi Dog Insurance?

Multi-dog insurance coverage is just the same as other dog wellness plans with the only exception that it contains multiple policies for all your dogs instead of one. Here’s what you will find on the cover for multi dogs.

Accident Coverage: When your pet gets injured, don’t worry about vet bills. Insurance policies have got you covered. If you have bought accident-only coverage or lifetime dog insurance, then the insurance company will bear all the accident-related costs for your dogs.

Vet Treatment Fee: Vet cost coverage is offered in insurance plans for multiple dogs. Please keep in mind that all health problems are not covered by pet insurance. Also, if your dog has pre-existing medical conditions, then you won’t be able to claim those costs. This is because most insurance companies don’t offer coverage for previously diagnosed health issues.

Penalties: What if your dogs hurt someone or damage their property? This will cause an extra financial burden on you if you haven’t purchased any insurance yet. Save yourself from third-party liabilities by opting for dog insurance plans.

Advertisement Expenses: If your dog goes missing or is lost somewhere, then the advertisement cost to find it can cause a financial burden on pet owners. Having insurance can assist you with reimbursement of advertisement expenses.

Reward Costs: Sometimes pet owners have to pay rewards to the finder of their missing pets. Having an insurance policy allows you to claim those rewards costs from the insurance company.

Compensation for Holiday Cancellation: If your dog falls ill when you are about to leave for a holiday, trip cancellation costs will be covered by the insurance company.

Dental Cover: Multi-dog insurance will assist you cover dental health-related costs if your dogs face dental injury during accidents. Routine dental expenses are to be paid out of your own pocket.

Boarding Expenses: In case you face a certain emergency and get admitted to a hospital, then the cost to take care of your beloved dogs is paid by the insurance company.

All the above costs are generally included and covered by insurance providers. Make sure to check every little detail to confirm what’s available in your dog insurance package. Terms and conditions of insurance may vary for different dog breeds. For example, Gun Dog Insurance may involve some unique features because of the specialized nature of the tasks working dogs perform.

What is excluded in Multi-Dog Insurance?

Here’s the list of the services that are mostly excluded when you buy multi-dog insurance.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions ( specialist insurance may cover those)
  • Routine vet treatment costs
  • Vaccinations costs
  • Surgery expenses
  • Spaying, and neutering costs
  • Cover for dangerous dog breeds
  • Microchipping expenditures
  • Dog training costs
  • Dog grooming facilities

These costs usually cannot be claimed in insurance coverage, but you can negotiate some terms and conditions while selecting or renewing your dog insurance.

Are Pre-existing medical conditions included in Pet Insurance?

In the UK, most insurance providers don’t offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. If you are looking to find a cover that specifically covers certain illnesses, you can opt for Specialist Insurance. This type of insurance cover will cost you more than other types of policies. You can negotiate special terms and conditions with a customized specialist insurance plan. It will be tailored to your dog’s needs to provide you with services that are crucial for the health of your pet.

Pre-existing conditions in dogs are the health problems that existed or showed signs of diseases before the time you purchased insurance.

Is it cheap to get Multi-Dog Insurance?

Multi-dog insurance is generally cheaper than other individual covers for your beloved furry babies. This is because insurance companies usually offer discounts to insure multiple pets together.

Discounts can be either in the form of a specific percentage or it could be a fixed amount for each dog you have. So, it isn’t easy to estimate how much cost savings can be achieved if opt for a discount offer. Sometimes there’s also a limitation for the maximum number of dogs you can insure at a time in one single policy.

To calculate the exact amount of financial savings by buying multi-dog insurance, compare the prices. The difference between multi-dog insurance prices and individual cover for all your dogs is the benefit you’ll get.

The financial savings will be different for different companies because of the discount percentages they offer. So, it’s difficult to estimate how much cost savings can be achieved if opt for a discount offer.

How to find the best multi-dog insurance?

Finding the right pet insurance plan for your beloved dogs is somewhat of a tough task. It is advised that don’t just rely on financial savings but also consider the services offered in insurance. Searching for the best competitive service at an affordable price is not easy. To aid the process, here’s a stepwise guide:

  • Get A Quote

First of all, you need to shortlist the best dog insurance providers at your location. Ask those insurance entities to provide you with a quote for multi-dog insurance along with the prices and perks offered in individual cover. Otherwise, just take a multi-dog cover quote and estimate the savings by applying a discount percentage on insurance premiums.

  • Compare Quotes

To compare prices, you need to have multiple insurance quotes. Quotes comparison can be done among those companies who offer almost similar cover services for similar types of insurance.

It’s useless to compare quotes for the different kinds of insurance types you selected for different insurance providers. For example, if you need lifetime insurance for all your dogs, then its comparison with a time-limited offer by a different insurance entity is of no use.

  • Which services to consider when choosing pet insurance?

Multiple services are covered by insurance plans like treatment costs, therapy expenses, vet bills, boarding fees, and liabilities, etc. It’s your choice to decide which services you want and what level of coverage best suits your dogs.

Most of the pet parents consider a plan that offers maximum coverage at reasonable prices. Therefore, try to take quotes from only those insurance providers who offer maximum coverage and then compare the prices of those entities to find cheap multi-dog insurance for your dogs.

If a policy doesn’t meet your dog’s needs (coverage for a specific ongoing health concern), then even if it’s cheap, there’s no advantage to purchasing it. Instead, it will be just a waste of money. So, choose it wisely.

  • Select Dog Insurance

The last step is to select an insurance that best suits your dog’s health. You have to choose either monthly or annual payment options ( whichever is feasible for you). Consider renewing your dog insurance if you believe it has provided enough benefit as you perceived while purchasing it.

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