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Pet Insurance For Pugs Made Easy!

Pugs are a popular breed with dark eyes and unique wrinkly faces. They have small yet muscular bodies and enjoy the reputation of being extremely playful dogs. They are fun-loving pets who adore the company of humans. This is what makes pugs a great choice to keep them as pets.

If your pug is a puppy or even a senior dog, you need to provide them with all the appropriate care regarding their health, medical, food, and grooming needs. Buying pug insurance will help to minimize the overall expenditure needed to keep them healthy.

Why is pug insurance necessary?

Pugs are raised to look a certain way, making them susceptible to many health problems. To keep them healthy, you have to provide them with appropriate medical treatment whenever needed. To do this, you must set aside a special budget to treat these furry babies.

What could be a better way to do this, than purchasing pug insurance from a reputable service provider? In this way, you can hedge the financial risk of unexpected medical bills by paying a specified amount for insurance premiums.  Buying pet insurance aids in covering the majority of the vet treatment costs.

How much does it cost to buy pug insurance?

It is difficult to estimate an exact figure for the pug insurance cost. The cost calculations depend on several factors like breed, health conditions, age, gender, location, coverage, and service provider. So, it is tough to suggest an exact fee you have to pay.

Some of these factors along with the kind of relationship it has with insurance, are discussed below:

Pet Dog Pugs running in a gardenAge of Pug – You can take puppy insurance or older dog insurance depending on the age of your pug. However, the lower the age, the less will be the insurance premium.  Just like us older pugs are more likely to experience health issues, this is why the insurance premiums are expensive for dogs above a certain age.

Cover Type – There are usually four types of pet insurance plans you can buy for your pug. The services, coverage, and vet limit are pre-described when you opt for insurance. The cover you select for your pug is going to decide what will be the cost of insurance.

Some covers (like lifetime insurance or maximum benefit policy) are more comprehensive than others ( e.g. accident only). Therefore, the type of coverage you select will decide the price of pug insurance.

Location – Insurance fees also have an impact on where you live. The veterinary treatment costs in some locations are more expensive than the rest. Similarly, some areas have a higher risk of pet theft than others. Therefore, your location plays an important role in estimating the insurance price for your pug.

Insurance Companies – The price also depends on the insurance company you select. Some insurance providers offer lower premiums because of the economies of scale they have achieved in this business. That’s why they charge comparatively lower prices than others. Also, the type of contract and extent of service offered by insurance companies play an important role in calculating insurance expenses.

To assist you in calculating the expected service charges, we recommend getting multiple quotes from dog insurance companies. This will help you to figure out what exactly you’re going to pay for your pugs’ insurance.

Health Problems in Pugs

Pugs are prone to many diseases because they are bred in a specific way to have a certain look. Pugs can face numerous health problems during their lifetime.  Take your pug to the vet regularly to avoid any major health concerns. Vet treatment fees could be expensive but they can be limited to a certain amount by opting for the right dog insurance that suits your pug.

The health problems may include eye diseases, breathing problems, skin infections, and joint diseases. Some of the most common health problems are discussed here:

  • Luxating Patella: Luxating Patella is common in small-breed dogs. It is a condition in which the kneecap dislocates and locks up. It causes pain and knee bending becomes difficult. It may affect one or both of the hind legs and could lead to surgery.
  • Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS): Pugs may experience breathing problems because of their short noses. These dogs suffer from BOAS because the tissue in the nose gets squashed. The airway compacts because of folds and wrinkles in the tissue. This creates breathing problems in pugs as they can’t get proper oxygen during exercise.
  • Hemivertebrae: In this disease, the dog’s spine alignment gets disturbed due to deformed vertebrae. The vertebrae become wedge-shaped and get fused which causes twisting in the spine. Nerves and spinal cords get damaged causing pain, and instability. If you notice any signs in your dog like problems with walking, consult a vet. At first physical examination along with an x-ray is performed to diagnose this issue. In some cases, spinal surgery may be required to realign vertebrae.
  • Skin Problems: Pugs may experience certain skin infections as their bacteria might grow in the folds of their skin. It is extremely important to clean their folds consistently to eliminate bacterial growth. Doing so will reduce the chance of infection and inflammation.

Therefore, to combat diseases in pugs, it is useful to purchase insurance. In this way, checkups and pet health care can be managed efficiently without bearing expensive vet treatment fees. Having the right pug insurance can lead to early diagnosis and early treatment with vet cost coverage as well.

Is it worth it to purchase insurance?

Pugs are pure dog breeds which is why they are more likely to suffer genetic health problems. Insurance can serve as financial protection against unexpected vet treatment costs if a disease is diagnosed during insurance. With the right insurance policy in hand, the decision to give your pet the best possible treatment never gets restricted by costs.

For example, if your pugs encounter any accident or injury, the accident-only insurance will cover almost 70% to 90% of vet treatment expenses.  Hence, you don’t need to compromise on your beloved pets’ health by considering expensive medical expenses. Pet insurance serves as a great tool to minimize health-related costs.

What is the best time to buy pug insurance?

The best time to buy pug insurance is when it’s a puppy. This will help you better handle your pug’s health. If anything happens to your dog, you can take proper preventive treatments timely as insurance will cover substantial treatment costs. Hence, reducing the risk of other major health problems.

Pre-existing conditions cannot be claimed in insurance. Therefore, it is better to purchase puppy insurance for your pugs. So, if a health problem develops over time, you need not to worry about its treatment. If your pug is not insured and health problems appeared before you purchased insurance, then you can’t claim reimbursement for such previously diagnosed health issues.

How does a claim affect your insurance premium?

The number of claims made by you decides what you are going to pay while renewing your insurance. If claims are related to diseases of an ongoing nature, then the insurance companies will charge you a high premium.

If an insurance service provider anticipates that the likelihood of subsequent claims is higher, then they will increase the premium. This may also depend on the type of insurance claim you made.  However, you can manage the rise in insurance premiums by paying the excess out of your pocket. This will reduce the amount of claims and hence premium rise could be limited.

What will you get by buying Pug Insurance?

Having the right insurance cover for your pug is a great tool to hedge financial risk. When you purchase insurance, you are setting aside money to use it later when needed. So, when your pet needs medical attention, this money is used for treatment.

Here’s what you are covered for after buying an insurance plan for your pugs:

  1. Medical Treatment Cost: Either you buy life, maximum benefit, or accident-only insurance, it will provide cover for vet treatment fees up to a certain limit. The conditions covered in each insurance type may differ. Like an accident, only insurance will cover medical costs related to injuries in an accident. However, maximum benefit and life insurance have their own specified terms and conditions for claiming reimbursements.
  2. Kennel Expenses: The cost to put your beloved pugs in a kennel in case of emergency is sometimes provided by insurance companies. For example, if you are hospitalized and there’s no one to take care of your pets, then you can put them in kennels without worrying about the associated costs.
  3. Therapies Costs: Sometimes dogs may face certain health issues that may need rehabilitation to recover. Not all but many pet insurance providers allow for the reimbursement of therapy costs for the treatment of your beloved pugs.
  4. Third Part Liability Cover: What if your pug damages property or hurts someone or their pets? Who will pay for such third-party expenses? Don’t worry as few insurance providers offer to provide third-party liability cover for your pets.
  5. Costs to Recover Lost Pets: Pet owners commonly face the problem of missing or stolen pets. To recover your furry babies, you may need to run ads or print flyers to find them. Sometimes rewards are also announced to the finder of your dogs. Insurance entities may help you recover your missing dogs by paying these costs.

What’s not covered by pug insurance?

When you buy pug insurance, you cannot claim every cost needed to care for this dog breed. The type of insurance policy you choose for your pugs also helps to decide what is covered and what isn’t. Some costs are specifically excluded from insurance.

Here’s a list of the costs that are likely to be excluded when you buy pug insurance.

  • Pug grooming costs
  • Routine dental costs ( dental costs associated with accidents are only covered )
  • Costs to treat pre-existing health problems
  • Vaccination expenses
  • Spaying or neutering expenses
  • Pet pregnancy costs
  • Vet treatment costs other than specified ailments that are mentioned in the insurance contract.
  • Dogs Microchipping Expenses

This is a general list of costs that are usually excluded from insurance. It may differ from company to company and the type of insurance policy you bought.

How to find the Best Pug Insurance?

Since pugs may experience many health problems due to their pure breed, the right plan for them is a lifetime insurance policy. In lifetime insurance, you can claim as many vet expenses as needed unless a specific pre-decided limit for a health condition is reached.

You can choose any policy by considering the nature and health of your pug. Some insurance providers also offer customized or specialist insurance covers to protect your pugs. However, this may cost you more than other insurance policies.

Here’s a guide on how to find a pet insurance plan for your pugs.

  • The first thing you need to do is to find the entity that offers pug insurance in your location.
  • Get quotes from these insurance companies after selecting the type of policy you want.
  • Compare insurance quotes with each other concerning prices and services offered.
  • Select the insurance that offers the best vet cost coverage for a reasonable price as insurance is a recurring expense, not a one-time cost.

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