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Having furry buddies at home brings endless joy, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility and costs. Dogs need medical treatment for illnesses or any unexpected injury which can cost hefty vet bills. That’s where puppy insurance steps in!

You can opt for puppy insurance when your baby is 8 weeks old. Policies are renewed every year till the 8th birthday of your dog.

Pet insurance will not only provide you with peace of mind but also save you from excessive expenses if something happens to your pet.

Why is it necessary to opt for puppy insurance?

Insuring your pets is important as it provides safety for your furry babies. Puppy owners must opt for insurance, because:

  • Puppies have weaker immune systems which makes them more susceptible to diseases than grown-up dogs. It’s not uncommon for puppies to suffer from health issues like infections, and allergies.
  • Secondly, puppies are in the growing phase, and their coordination and muscle strength are not as strong as mature dogs. This is the reason why puppies are more likely to get injured.

Insurance acts as a life jacket for the health of your pet. It won’t even protect your puppies, but save you from a sudden financial burden in case of an emergency.

What is the Cost of Puppy Insurance?

The cost to get your puppy insured is different for each pet depending on the breed, age, and health conditions. It is tricky to estimate an exact range of cost as the prices vary subject to policies and conditions offered by pet insurance companies.puppy pet dog walk in the forest

The type of insurance policy you select for your puppy may also impact the pricing of the insurance plan. The price factor also reflects the amount of vet fee offered/opted in an insurance plan, the coverage provided, bill-sharing scenarios, location, and other terms and conditions mentioned in the insurance form.

What factors affect Puppy Insurance Cost?

The cost of a pet insurance plan is based on multiple factors. Some of the most common factors that have a significant impact on your puppy insurance are discussed below:

Age: The insurance cost for younger dogs is less than for older dogs. Older dog insurance is more expensive because as animals age, they are more prone to diseases.

Breed: The breed of your puppy also determines the cost of insurance. Some breeds cost more to care for, that’s why the premium will be high. Similarly, mixed/cross-dog breeds are less susceptible to illness, therefore the insurance premium cost will be low.

Cover Type: The type of cover you select for your dogs is another important factor that helps to determine the price level. A policy that provides maximum coverage for puppies is more expensive than others.

Insurance Company: The company you select for puppy insurance, may play an important role in calculating insurance expense. Prices of insurance companies differ based on the type of service they offer, their contracts with vets, and the extent of coverage they provide for a pet.

Is it a legal requirement?

Puppy insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK, but it could cover expenses if your pets get ill or injured. However, it is a legal requirement to microchip a puppy by the time it gets 8 weeks old.

Pet insurance is a preventive measure to save yourself from financial burden if a sudden injury or disease affects your furry babies. Puppy insurance sometimes also covers third-party expenses in case your dog damages something (e.g., property) or causes injury to another dog or pets.

Animals are prone to getting sick just like us and vet treatment could be expensive. With the right insurance policy in hand, the decision about your puppy’s health is not solely dependent on finances.

What different types of Puppy Insurance Plans are available?

There are four types of pet insurance plans for pet owners. The type of plan you choose is your own choice and preferences. The cost, time, vet fee coverage, and types of illnesses covered differ in different types of insurance plans.  So, choose pet insurance wisely by considering your budget, type, and extent of such services offered.

  • Accident Only Insurance

This insurance is designed specifically to meet the expenses that may arise in case your puppy gets injured in an accident. Costs related to other health problems or pre-existing conditions cannot be claimed in this type of insurance. Pet owners opt for accident-only insurance to secure themselves from financial difficulty in case of injuries due to an accident. All costs associated with accidents such as dental costs, examination, or medicine expenses, etc are covered by this insurance.

  • Lifetime Insurance Policy

Lifetime cover is designed to help you with vet bills for treating chronic or recurring conditions during the lifetime of your pet. You can claim for expenses as long as the vet fee limit hasn’t been reached. The insurance policy is renewed at the end of each year.

This policy covers a range of illnesses your pet can suffer from in its life. It’s worth mentioning here that this policy only covers new conditions and does not apply to pre-existing conditions. Lifetime cover also provides coverage if your pet goes missing or is stolen.

  • Time Limited Insurance Policy

This type of insurance involves a restricted period of 12 months.  So, if you opt for time-limited puppy insurance, then costs arising due to injury or any diseases during the year will be covered. However, any pre-existing medical conditions are not treated as a part of this insurance plan. A fixed sum of money is usually set for treatment in such a policy, once that limit is reached, the policy expires even if the 12-month limit hasn’t yet been reached.

  • Maximum Benefit Insurance Policy

Maximum Benefit Insurance is sometimes also referred to as per condition/money-limited insurance. A fixed sum of money is specified for each condition in this insurance. This type of policy insures your puppies for new medical conditions and injuries. Any pre-existing conditions can’t be claimed in this insurance plan. Claims for this policy can be made as long as the financial limit is not achieved.

What is covered in a Puppy Insurance Plan?

The terms and conditions of puppy insurance could vary depending on the type of insurance policy you opt for and the service provider you choose. Here’s our compilation of “what’s usually covered in dog insurance” based on coverage provided by different entities.

  • Dental Illness – Dental expenses incidental to accidents are covered by dog insurance (It excludes routine dental treatment costs.)
  • Third-Party Payables – Liabilities related to third parties are covered. It may include costs if the puppy causes damage to any property, person, or animal.
  • Medical Expenses – Vet treatment costs including consultation fees, medical test expenses, medication, x-rays, bandages, etc are covered.
  • Therapy Costs – Therapy costs such as hydrotherapy or acupuncture may or may not be included depending on the insurance company you opt for.
  • Advertising Costs – Costs related to finding a lost pet such as advertisement or reward expenses are included.
  • Boarding Expenses – Some insurance providers offer coverage for placing your dogs or puppies in a cattery or kennel
  • Emergency Costs – A few insurance policies also cover you for emergency veterinary treatment your puppy may need when you are abroad

What are the typical Exclusions in Puppy Insurance Plans?

Some of the most common exclusions in puppy insurance are:

  • Vaccinations – You need to pay vaccination expenses out of your pocket, as these costs are excluded from pet insurance.
  • Pre-existing Conditions – Insurance plans only cover new medical conditions. Pre-existing medical conditions are not incorporated into insurance plans.
  • Accidents/Injuries – Illnesses occurring within the first 14 days and accidents happening within the first 3 days of opting for insurance are specifically excluded.
  • Neutering, Spaying, & Pregnancy Expenses – All costs related to pregnancy, pet spaying, or neutering are to be borne by pet owners. Insurance policies for pets don’t cover such expenses.
  • Training Expenses – Costs to train your puppy or attend obedience classes such as behavioural modification are not included in insurance coverage.

How to Get A Quote for Puppy Insurance?

To get a quote for your dog/puppy is simple. All you need to do is to add relevant details inquired by the insurance providers. The steps to get a quote for your puppy are explained below:

Add Your Details

To get started, enter all required details in the form. These details may include the type of pet, its age, name, breed, medical conditions, type of cover, limit of vet fee, location, and so on.

Compare Insurance Policies

Once you enter the details, you will get a quote. Repeat this process with different insurance providers to get multiple quotes and compare them. Analyze the prices and incentives offered to decide on the best puppy insurance policy.

Save Your Precious Pets

Choose a puppy insurance plan that meets all your expectations. The right pet insurance gives you the peace of mind that your favourite pet friends are protected from any mishap that may happen.

How to save using QuoteRadar.co.uk?

Ease the process by using QuoteRadar instant services. All you need to do is add details of your puppy and the type of insurance coverage you want. QuoteRadar will instantly compare puppy insurance services available in the UK and a quick report will be shown to you.

Select the service that meets your budget and needs. This will reduce all the hustle of finding the best pet insurance to only a few minutes.

What to look at while purchasing puppy insurance?

Things you need to consider before getting a quote for your puppy insurance plan are listed below:

  • What health conditions are covered in the insurance plan?
  • Are there any discounts if you opt for annual insurance payments instead of monthly insurance?
  • What is the vet fee limit offered by insurance companies?
  • Is third-party liability covered?
  • Were previous insurance claims paid?
  • Does it cover advertisement/reward expenses in case the pet goes missing?
  • Also, read public reviews about insurance providers.

Is multi-puppy insurance available?

Do you have more than one puppy? No worries. Multi Dog Insurance is available now in the market to facilitate you. It won’t even ease the process, but will help you save costs too. The multi-pet discount offer is mostly available when you insure more than one puppy at the same time. In this way, you can get quality service at a low discounted price.

Tips to get Cheaper Puppy Insurance Quotes

Here are some useful tips to help you find affordable pet insurance that fits your budget & needs.

  • Multi-Pet Discounts: You can avail of multi-pet discounts by insuring multiple puppies together. It will enable you to reduce the total cost required to insure all your pets.
  • Compare Prices: Always get multiple quotes for the same type of dog insurance, & choose the most economical service.
  • Protect Puppies: Try to keep your furry friends healthy, complete all the vaccination courses, and provide them with a healthy diet. Get microchipping done when your puppy is 8 weeks old to avoid any fines as it is a legal requirement.
  • Pay Excess Claim: When you pay excess for a claim, it will reduce your premiums. In this way, you can lower future expenses. Otherwise, your future pet insurance premiums will be higher.
  • Compare Premiums: It is always useful to compare the cost of monthly and annual payment plan options. Sometimes discounts are available on upfront payments. Choose a cost-effective way to pay for your dog insurance.

What impacts the price of pet insurance in ongoing years?

The renewal prices for pet insurance get higher each year. As a dog grows, the chances of illness increase.  The claim data of insurance companies shows that the expenses to care for your pet’s health double every four to five years. That’s why when you renew your policy each year, the price you pay is inflated.

The other factor that impacts price is the claims paid. The number of claims being paid may cause your premium to be even double in upcoming years.

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