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Saint Bernard Pet Dog

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Saint Bernards are large and strong dogs known for their extremely gentle nature. They are friendly and sociable buddies who love rewards and praise from their owners. Saint Bernard is a pure breed, making it more susceptible to health issues. Taking pet insurance for Saint Bernard is of great importance as it helps to protect yourself against unexpectedly high vet treatment costs.

Saint Bernard Breed Information

If you are considering buying a Saint Bernard, here’s what you need to know about this breed.

  • The life span of Saint Bernard is around 8 -10 years.
  • The typical weight of this breed is around 54 kg – 82 kg.
  • The size of a Saint Bernard could be 66 cm -80 cm. Their coat is thick and dense, therefore, they need regular grooming.
  • Saint Bernards are loyal and caring buddies. They have expressive eyes and droopy jowls.
  • Though this dog breed is not noisy at all, it needs enough space. It is better to keep them in a large home with outdoor space.
  • Saint Bernards are famous for their search and rescue skills, this is why they have been used as working dogs over the years.

Why does Saint Bernard need insurance?

Saint Bernard Pet Dog at mountainsSaint Bernards may experience many health problems primarily because of its large size. Besides this, they belong to the pure breed, which makes them more vulnerable to heredity problems than mixed dog breeds. That’s why Saint Bernard Insurance is compulsory to keep them healthy and manage their health expenditures cost-effectively.

With the right pet insurance in place, you can lower the costs of vet treatment necessary for the health of your beloved pets. Otherwise, you will bear all the expenses on your own without any reimbursement support for medical bills.

What is usually covered by St Bernard Insurance?

By buying insurance for Saint Bernards, you are likely to be eligible to make claims for the following costs.

  • Medical Bills – The vet treatment expenses for Saint Bernards can be reimbursed by the insurance company up to the limit specified in the insurance deed. This may be related to accidents, injuries, or diseases depending on the type of cover you have opted for your dog.
  • Therapy Cost – Insurance providers sometimes offer to pay the therapy or rehabilitation expenditures needed for the recovery of your Saint Bernards. Read the dog insurance terms carefully or ask the service provider to confirm whether you can put in a reimbursement claim for such costs.
  • Advertising Cost – If your dog goes missing or is stolen, then the advertisement cost to find them is offered by insurance entities. This may involve costs to print flyers or running ads on social media to find your beloved pets.
  • Third-Party Payables – If your Saint Bernard damages/destroys someone’s property or hurts anyone, then you may be accountable for paying the penalty. In such circumstances, you can file an insurance claim from your service provider to reimburse these expenses.
  • Rewards Expenses – If rewards are announced for the finder of your missing dogs, then you can demand this cost from the insurance company later on.
  • Kennel Fee – In an emergency, if you get hospitalized, then expenses to put your pets in a kennel are provided by insurance companies.

Keep in mind that the terms and conditions for costs and their coverage may vary depending on the insurance service provider and type of insurance plan you selected.

What are the health issues faced by Saint Bernards?

Saint Bernards can develop or experience many health problems in their lives. They may suffer from health concerns such as eye problems, dental issues, cancers, back legs, and joint problems. Some of the most common diseases in Saint Bernards along with brief details are given below:

  • Hip/Elbow Dysplasia: It is a joint problem in which the joints don’t fix properly causing pain and limping in Saint Bernards.
  • Bloat: Bloat is a severe health issue in which the stomach twists. It could even be life-threatening. This problem is often seen in large dog breeds.
  • Cardiomyopathy: Heart problems are common in older dogs. Getting older dog insurance can protect you from expensive vet bills. Cardiomyopathy happens when the heart muscle fails to contract properly which causes poor blood circulation in the body.
  • Entropion: Entropion is the inward folding of the eyelid which causes damage to the cornea and ultimately leads to vision loss.
  • Cataracts: It is a vision problem in dogs that happens because of the degradation of the eye lens. The treatment may involve surgery which could be expensive.
  • Osteosarcoma: Osteosarcoma is a bone cancer that initially originates in bones and could spread elsewhere. The symptoms may include weight loss, lethargy, and lameness. X-ray examination is performed to diagnose bone cancer.

It is you who has to decide whether to participate in monthly insurance payments ( or yearly)  for your dogs or to pay for the whole veterinary treatment on your own. The decision is totally yours, but in our opinion having dog insurance is a great step to hedge financial risk related to the treatment of your beloved pets.

How to Choose the Best Saint Bernard Insurance?

Choosing the right insurance coverage is extremely important for keeping your Saint Bernards healthy. It also helps us to manage costs effectively and keep them lower.  Different types of Saint Bernard insurance plans are available across the market. Your job is to choose which plan suits your dog more and whether is it worthy to fulfill the medical costs.

Here’s a step-wise guide to assist you in choosing the right dog insurance plan.

Select the type of insurance

The first step is to decide which type of insurance is suitable for your Saint Bernard. Review the medical history and existing health needs to select insurance.

You can choose among life insurance, time-limited, maximum benefit, or accident coverage. The prices and covers are different for different insurance types. Choose one that meets your budget and the healthcare needs of your dog.

Analyze the Prices

The second step is to analyze the prices of insurance across different service providers. For this purpose, you can contact insurance companies offering Saint Bernard insurance and ask them to give you quotations.

To get a quote you need to share details of your dog related to its breed, gender, age, medical conditions, location, and type of insurance.

Compare Quotes

Once you have taken multiple quotes, then compare quotes by considering prices and associated services in that insurance plan. Many websites can assist you in comparing insurance costs and features for you.

Provide your dog’s details to these online quote-comparing websites by filling out their form. They’ll provide you with an instant report on the best and cheapest insurance services available at your location.

Choose the insurance

Choosing the right insurance is of extreme importance because if you choose the wrong plan and then make a claim, you might find out that this disease isn’t covered.

So, you will have to pay the whole amount out of your pocket. Now even if you move to other insurance providers, that illness couldn’t be covered as insurance companies exclude pre-existing medical conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common exclusions in Saint Bernard Insurance?

Most insurance companies do not provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. It means that if you buy insurance for a dog who has already been diagnosed with a certain issue, you cannot claim reimbursement for that disease. Other exclusions may include routine vet checkup costs, pregnancy expenses, vaccinations, spaying, grooming expenditures, microchipping costs, etc. Furthermore, certain insurance providers have their own specified exclusions mentioned in their insurance policies.

How to make an insurance claim for Saint Bernards?

Some insurance companies work by transferring reimbursement for bills into your accounts. For this, you need to make a claim with the insurance company by providing them details of vet treatment costs.

Other insurance providers are directly in contact with the Veterinarians in their network which allows you treatment for your dog’s up to a certain amount. In such a scenario, the insurance entity will directly pay the veterinarians. Hence, there is no need to file a claim for bill reimbursements.

What is the cost of Saint Bernard Insurance?

It is difficult to estimate what exactly would be the cost of Saint Bernard insurance. The cost of dog insurance depends on multiple factors including age, breed, health conditions, gender of your dog, your locality, and the type of insurance coverage you opted for. Saint Bernards are purebred dogs, that’s why they are more likely to suffer from health issues. This makes Saint Bernard’s insurance more expensive than mixed breeds.

Is it easy to train Saint Bernards?

Saint Bernards are intelligent dogs that can easily learn new skills. They have been used as working dogs over the years. They love rewards and treats, therefore using this trick can help you to train them easily.

Is dental cover included in Saint Bernard Insurance?

Dental cost coverage may or may not be available in your insurance plan. It depends on the type of insurance you have chosen. In accident-only insurance, dental costs incurred as a consequence of injury are covered only. Routine dental examination and treatment cover is not available. If you want dental coverage for Saint Bernards, you can negotiate specific terms with insurance service providers before signing the insurance contract.

Are pre-existing medical conditions covered by insurance?

Pre-existing medical conditions are those health issues that were diagnosed before purchasing insurance for your dogs. Most insurance companies specifically exclude pre-existing conditions. This is because insurance entities anticipate a greater number of claims that will ultimately increase their expense.

How to get cheap dog insurance for Saint Bernards?

You can get cheap dog insurance for your Saint Bernards by comparing market prices for the same type of insurance coverage. Select the insurance that offers more coverage at a minimum price. In this way, you will be protected against high veterinary bills for your dogs.

Is Saint Bernard’s insurance worth it?

Keeping a Saint Bernard dog breed could be costly for owners as it is a pure dog breed that makes it susceptible to many health concerns. Therefore, buying the right insurance coverage for them is a cost-effective way to reduce the overall medical costs for this breed. If you don’t have insurance, and your Saint Bernards experiences any health issues, then you have to pay the entire vet treatment bills on your own.

Is it cheap to get Multi-dog Insurance for Saint Bernards?

If you have more than one dog and want to insure them, then the best and cheapest way is to buy multi-dog insurance. Multi-dog insurance generally involves discount offers of 5% to 10%.  So, it will cost you less than individual insurance plans for your dogs.  It’s not compulsory to insure the same dog breeds in multi-insurance plans.

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