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Introduction to touring caravan insurance

The open road is yours to explore if you own a touring caravan. Many caravan owners love the freedom to roam and the sense of adventure it enables.

Caravan ownership is on the rise in the UK. Whether you use your Eldis caravan to camp at a festival, or simply to enjoy a break in a rural campsite in a Coachman, having the right insurance is a must.

Do I need it?

A touring caravan simply means one which can be towed behind a vehicle. As a caravan is a significant investment, you might be surprised to learn that caravan insurance is not a legal requirement.

Most car insurance policies will cover a touring caravan while being towed on the road. However, many owners choose additional touring caravan cover for complete peace of mind. Your car insurance is only likely to cover your caravan for third-party costs. As a caravan can often cost more than a car, you could be left out of pocket if you have to cover the cost of repairing any damage yourself.

What touring caravan cover do I need?

Whether you own a Vanmaster or a Buccaneer, you’ll need to make sure you have the right insurance cover. A specialist touring caravan policy may include cover for the following:

  • Theft

Having your caravan stolen is really going to ruin your holiday! Insuring against theft means that if the worst happens, you won’t have to shell out to replace your caravan.

  • New for old cover

Depending on the age of your caravan, you might opt for a new for an old cover. In the event your caravan is stolen, the policy will provide you with a brand-new model replacement. The other alternative is market value cover. Here, the policy will pay out the amount your caravan would be worth at the time. This type of policy is often cheaper than new for old cover, so can be a good way of reducing your insurance premiums.

  • Accidental damage cover

Even with the most careful owner, things can often get damaged. An accidental damage policy will cover the cost of repairs to your touring caravan if something is broken.

  • Contents insurance

The cost of replacing all the items within your touring caravan can quickly add up. Touring caravan contents insurance can cover the cost of replacing items like TVs clothes or personal belongings if they are lost or stolen.

  • Flood or storm damage

The great British weather is often unpredictable, and touring caravans can be at risk of flood or storm damage, especially during the winter months. If water gets into your caravan through a leaking window or roof, your policy will cover the cost of replacing anything damaged. Check the terms of your policy carefully. Insurers may also require you to drain water systems when not in use, to reduce the risk of frozen or burst pipes too.

How to save money on touring caravan insurance?

The cost of touring caravan insurance can vary widely, depending on what level of coverage you need. In general, the more you can lower the risk of your caravan being damaged, the lower your premium should be.

Things to consider:

Security: You should make sure that your caravan is kept securely, especially when not in use. Insurers can require you to use hitch locks or wheel locks as a minimum. You should also ensure that all windows and doors are secure, fitting additional locks if necessary.

Storage: If possible, you should aim to keep your touring caravan in a secure lockup when not being used. Keeping it in a garage, or at a minimum off the road and out of sight, will reduce the risk of theft of the vehicle.

Caravan club: Being a member of a caravan club has many benefits. Some clubs offer discounted caravan insurance to their members, so it is worth investigating.

CRIS: Registering your touring caravan with a scheme like the Central Registration and Identification Scheme means that if it is stolen, the police are able to use CRiS to track it down.

Compare prices: Make sure you do not pay for the cover you don’t need. It is always worth shopping around to compare prices from a range of providers to get the best rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is car to caravan weight ratio?

There are certain restrictions when you tow a caravan on the road. To reduce the risk of an accident, you should make sure that the weight of your caravan doesn’t exceed 85% of your car’s weight.

Your caravan’s ‘maximum mass’ is the weight when fully loaded. This figure can usually be found on a tag near the door frame of your caravan. Your car manual should contain details of the car’s ‘kerb weight.

Do I need to tax my touring caravan?

Road tax is not a legal requirement for caravans in the UK. If you are towing, you will need to make sure your car is adequately taxed and insured. The caravan must display a rear number plate which matches the vehicle.

Is touring caravan insurance a legal requirement?

It is not necessary to have specialist cover in place for your caravan. You must have adequate motor insurance coverage to tow your caravan on the road, and depending on when you passed your driving test, you may already be covered for towing. If you passed your test after 1st January 1997, you need to take an extra test in order to tow a caravan, and the combined weight must not exceed 3500kg.

Do I have to fit a caravan tracker for insurance?

Fitting a tracking device can make it easier to locate your caravan should it be stolen. While many insurers will not require you to do this, it can be a good way to reduce the risk and therefore the cost of your premium.

How much should I insure my touring caravan for?

If you are not sure about the value of your caravan, talk to your insurance provider. They will be able to recommend the minimum cover you need, taking into account the age, model and condition of your touring caravan.

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