Running a business means working around the clock. You never know when a golden opportunity will come knocking on your door. So, be vigilant & canny to close the deal.

Of course, there are a few perks of owning a company. For instance, you have the freedom to follow your vision and operate your business in a way that aligns with your goals. As you are your own boss, you need not apply for leave to plan a vacation. Instead, you can work remotely and follow the schedule that suits you the best.

Despite that, the workaholic in you constantly worries about “What would happen to the company if I am away?” Quite naturally, it makes you wonder, “Can my company run itself, just like clockwork?”

The answer is YES. In the book “Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself,” the author Mike Michalowicz explains his journey from a workaholic to a relaxed entrepreneur.

Some of the key findings of the books are as follows:

  • Keep Track Of Your Time

As soon as you get the entrepreneur cap on, you have to handle numerous tasks ranging from managing people to making corporate decisions. To accomplish all the tasks on your to-do list efficiently, you require appropriate time in hand.

For this purpose, creating a time window for priority work is recommended. Additionally, avoid getting involved in the details of every daily activity. Instead, delegate the tasks wisely for effective time management.

  • Empower Your Team

Every organization has some core functions that build it into what it is today. You need to define those core functions and align them with your team’s ability. Let’s take an example for better understanding.

Suppose your organization’s strength is in its customer service. In that case, you can empower the CSE team with custom software. Work with a software development firm to build customer service software lowering your team’s burden. Identify the needs of your employees and fulfil them to ensure that work goes on smoothly.

  • Document Necessary Tasks

Every employee has their own way of doing a talk. For instance, one employee may prefer to communicate everything via messages or emails, while others prefer face-to-face communication using video conferencing. In the latter case, it is not possible to document the task given and the goals accomplished.

A quick solution that you can use for such undocumented and non-transferrable is using screen captures and notes. Instead of writing down the entire conversation, the videos can be used for re-explanation.

This trick is particularly useful if the tasks require human reporting on a frequent basis.

In addition, you can create an instructional manual for the company’s operations. It will ensure that employees know what they need to do and how even in your absence. Nevertheless, it is critical that the manuals are written in an easy-to-understand format. So, that employee doesn’t waste time juggling with the jargon; instead, get the gist and start working.

  • Assess Your Offerings

As a CEO, you probably wish to get involved in every task— even less important day-to-day activities that do not require your involvement. Not only will it consume your precious time, but it will also create unnecessary pressure on the entire team. Instead of boosting the company’s productivity, it may inject a sense of micromanagement.

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Therefore, you must identify the tasks that require your personal involvement in product production or selling. It would be best to create a list of all the tasks and rank them on a scale of 0 to 10 on how much they require your assistance.

While ranking the tasks, keep biases at par. And rank based on real factors. Doing so will allow you to lower your involvement in non-essential activities.

  • Shift Your Resources

Last but not least, for elevated business autonomy, you need to identify your human resources skills and utilize them according to the shift in industry requirements.

In short, you must hire the right person to do the right job. If it seems necessary, you should organize training sessions for employees. It will boost their skills; thus, you can leverage the newfound employee strength for your business.

It will improve the organization’s productivity, accelerate operations, and ensure development. Furthermore, it’ll give you a sense of security that your business is in suitable hands.

The best part? It will allow you to be flexible according to the market scenarios as employees will learn to adapt to the changes with ease.

Final Words- You Need Not Always Be AT WORK

Your business could possibly run on its own if you allow it. This is where the need for using innovative measures to streamline company operations comes in. Keep the notion “work hard for your business” out of your mind. Instead, leverage the power of the latest technology and software to boost your organization’s functioning even in your absence.