It’s really hard to go ahead when it comes to deciding which horsebox insurance policy do you need. Horsebox insurance is a legal requirement and there are multiple policy options available depending on your vehicle and how you use it. Choosing the right policy is the main thing because if the insurance policy becomes invalid, any claim filed may not be honoured. That’s why it is essential to check all policy documents to make sure you have bought the right policy which covers all of your requirements.

When you are ready to get horsebox insurance, make sure how you will be using the horsebox and what category of the driver is going to operate it because any breach of regulations could invalidate your insurance. If you intend to use the horsebox for reward or part of your business, this is going to affect the type of insurance policy you are looking for.

Horsebox insurance FAQs

What type of cover is best for me?

Fully comprehensive is the most popular cover because it will cover you and also pay for repair bills in case of an accident. It’s also the most expensive but with the greatest coverage. It usually covers windscreen damage, vandalism and the damage caused to the vehicle by the horse. Please also remember that the policies vary according to the ground realities. That’s why it is not recommended to consider only the cheapest horsebox insurance while ignoring what is being offered by the company into the policy.

The third-party policy usually covers the cost of the other party if you have an accident which is your fault, You are responsible to pay for the repairing cost of your vehicle. Third party policy is cheaper than the comprehensive cover and will not cover if the loss happened by fire or theft. Any injury to the horse during transit will not be covered that’s why additional horsebox insurance will be required for this purpose.

What are the age restrictions for horsebox insurance?

Most insurance companies will allow drivers from 21 years old upwards but never forget to check this. If you are under 21 there might be some insurance companies allowing for higher costs.

What does the excess mean?

This is the amount that you will be liable for if you have to file a claim. For example, If you have an excess of £200 and are filing a claim for £800 to cover your repair expenses, you will receive £600 as a settlement.

Who can drive my horsebox?

You can insure for more than one driver for your horsebox by paying some fees. You can mention the names of other drivers you want to add or can buy “any driver policy” but depends on how the insurer handles it because this may have some restrictions.

How to get the cheap horsebox insurance policy?

The cost of insurance is affected by many factors like age, mileage, value and size of the vehicle and also the level of cover you are looking for. Due to low chances of breakdown, a newer vehicle is ideal to lower the premiums moreover if you are the only person to drive the vehicle it can also play a role in cutting down the cost.

Vehicles of over 7.5 tonnes can cost significantly more as compared to other vehicles. Over and under mileage, an estimate can also affect your policy significantly. It’s not recommended by experts to contact only one insurance company and buy a policy without any market research that’s why always compare your horsebox insurance before you decide the cover.

What if horse damages the vehicle?

If you have a comprehensive policy, it mostly covers this but you may need to check your policy details

Can i take my horsebox abroad?

You will need a green card from your insurer to have the same coverage as you are having in the UK.

Are the vehicle contents covered?

Not usually. If you are in need of it, talk to your insurance provider to extend your cover.

Do i need breakdown cover?

Actually, it depends on many things like the length of journeys you make, your vehicles conditions etc.