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A guide to convicted driver motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance prices are impacted by the seriousness of the offence, making it difficult to obtain coverage with a conviction. The severity of the situation, however, strongly correlates with the premium increase. Insurance premiums tend to rise sharply in response to serious convictions because of the monetary burden they impose. It’s crucial to grasp the complex relationship between the seriousness of the conviction and how it affects affordability.

What is convicted driver motorcycle insurance?

Those with a record of traffic violations can get specialised coverage with motorcycle insurance for convicted drivers. Standard motorcycle insurance may be difficult for riders with criminal records, including convictions for DUI, reckless driving, or several traffic tickets. Insurance companies respond by creating specific plans for riders with convictions, considering the increased risk connected with their driving record.

Premiums for these policies tend to be higher to compensate for the higher probability of future claims. Insurers may also place additional requirements, such as the installation of tracking devices or the limitation of coverage alternatives, on their policyholders. Those who want to stay on the road legally and protect themselves, despite a criminal record, must get convicted driver motorcycle insurance. For those with a history of impaired driving, it’s a way to ride safely while still enjoying the freedom of the open road.

By how much will my motorcycle insurance increase after I receive a motoring conviction?

Your motorcycle insurance premiums will go up in proportion to the number of points you get for traffic violations, the severity of the infraction, and the number of points added to your licence. Assuming a spotless driving record otherwise, the average premium increase for little infractions, usually resulting in 3 penalty points, is roughly 5%. But if the infraction gets you 6 points, you may expect a far bigger increase—about 25% to 30% on average. Premiums might increase at an even faster rate for more serious infractions that gain 11 penalty points.

When riders are disqualified, whether for a major infraction or because the TT99 totting up mechanism automatically disqualifies them, the situation becomes very difficult. Resuming riding privileges after such disqualifications will result in noticeably higher premiums for guilty motorcyclists. It is critical to keep in mind that insurance companies have different rules and procedures. For more precise information on how a driving conviction could affect your motorcycle insurance rates, depending on your situation, it’s best to contact your insurance provider.

Advanced qualifications for motorcyclists:

Motorcyclists who possess advanced qualifications may be eligible for lower insurance rates. Certifications like the Bike Safe Certificate, Advanced Police Motorcycle Test, MAC Rider Training, DVSA Certificate of Competence (Enhanced Rider Training), IAM Motorcycle Test Certificate, BMF Blue Riband, and Moto tag Advanced Rider are examples of specialized credentials that indicate a higher degree of skill and safety awareness. Insurance companies acknowledge the increased knowledge obtained from these programs, which helps to create a lower risk profile for riders who possess these qualifications.

Some of the common motoring offences:

Similar to other drivers, motorcyclists may see an increase or decrease in their insurance rates as a result of certain traffic violations.

  • Running through a red light
  • Driving without insurance
  • Speeding offences
  • Reckless driving

Running a red light is a common infraction that can affect insurance rates. Both the rider’s safety and the enforcement of traffic laws are jeopardized by this violation. The same is true for driving without insurance; not only does it break the law, but it also gives the impression of financial irresponsibility, which makes insurers see the driver as more of a danger.

Another prevalent element that impacts premiums is speeding offences. Insurance companies may re-evaluate a rider’s risk profile if they detect that they are recklessly disregarding traffic restrictions, which puts everyone’s safety in danger. No matter the vehicle, insurance companies are quite worried about drivers who are dangerous or irresponsible. Insurers will increase or decrease rates based on the probability of accidents caused by such actions.

How to get cheap convicted driver motorcycle insurance?

1. Shop around:

Getting insurance quotes from different companies is the first step in getting a good deal. Insurance companies have varied ways of calculating risk, so some may be more willing to work with drivers who have convictions on their records than others. Gather and compare insurance quotes by using internet resources or by contacting agents directly. For the most precise estimates, be truthful regarding your driving record and any convictions.

2. Improving your riding record:

Although this might not offer a quick fix, making an effort to enhance your riding record can ultimately result in reduced insurance prices. Do your part to keep everyone on the road safe by enrolling in a defensive driving school or a motorcycle safety course. Discounts or rate adjustments based on your enhanced abilities may be available from some insurance providers. Furthermore, your whole risk profile may decrease, leading to reduced rates, as time goes by without further convictions.

3. Motorcycle type:

Motorcycle insurance premiums are very sensitive to the model you ride, so it’s wise to shop around for a cheaper motorcycle. Due to the higher likelihood of accidents and theft, insurance premiums for high-performance or sport bikes tend to be higher. Think about getting an inexpensive, less powerful engine motorcycle that insurance companies see as less of a risk. Insured motorcyclists may find lower rates on scooters or regular bikes.

4. Deductible:

You can reduce your monthly insurance costs by increasing your deductible. Think about your budget and choose a deductible that will let you feel secure while still being affordable; after all, a higher deductible means you’ll have to pay more out of pocket if you ever need to file a claim. Nevertheless, you should be financially prepared to pay the deductible if it is required.

5. Boost your motorcycle’s security:

Some insurance companies offer discounts for customers who take extra precautions to protect their motorcycles. To make your motorcycle less appealing to would-be thieves, consider installing anti-theft devices like alarms, immobilisers, or tracking systems. Policyholders who take precautions to safeguard their motorcycles are frequently rewarded with reduced rates by insurance companies. Find out from your insurance company whether there are any discounts available for installing certain security measures, and if so, invest in those to see if your premiums go down.

Frequently asked questions

· Which conviction types impact motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance premiums might be affected by several convictions. Reckless driving, speeding, driving without insurance, and driving under the influence are common infractions. How much these convictions impact premiums depends on how serious and how often they occur. In order to avoid coverage denial or policy cancellation, drivers with a conviction must provide their full driving record when requesting insurance rates.

· Do convicted drivers have access to specialized insurance?

Indeed, there are insurance companies and brokers that cater specifically to high-risk clients, such as those with a criminal record. These businesses are sensitive to the special needs of people who have a record of driving offences. For convicted motorcyclists looking for insurance, these companies provide a lifeline, even though their premiums are higher than usual. Finding the best and most affordable coverage requires doing some research and getting quotes from various specialist insurers.

· Can convicted drivers add additional riders to their policies?

A convicted motorist may be able to add selected riders or family members to their insurance policy. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the total premium could be affected by the driving records of every person covered by the policy. Before adding more riders to their policy, drivers with a conviction should talk to their insurance company about the consequences.

· Do all convictions have the same impact on insurance rates?

The effect on insurance premiums of a conviction is not uniform. The impact of lesser traffic violations may be less severe than that of more major charges like driving under the influence or reckless driving, which usually lead to increased premiums. Depending on the seriousness and type of the offence, insurance companies place different amounts of risk on different convictions like dangerous driving insurance rates are usually high.

· How far back can insurance companies go when looking at a driver’s record?

A driver’s most recent driving record is typically considered by insurance providers when establishing rates. Convictions often remain on a driver’s record for several years, though exact durations could differ among service providers and areas. In most cases, the effect on insurance premiums will fade with time, particularly if the driver can keep a spotless record following the conviction.

· Is it possible for drivers serving suspensions to shop for insurance?

Even though they are undergoing a licence suspension, drivers with a conviction can still look into insurance possibilities. Even though you might not need insurance during the suspension, getting estimates and getting to know an insurer might make the change easier. As it could be more expensive, certain speciality insurers do offer coverage during suspension periods.

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