Ride-sharing has revolutionised the way we get around town and whilst Uber remains the king, new companies are popping up all the time (we check out some of the alternatives here). No matter which one you use though, the service provided by the driver is always the one thing that sticks with us after the journey.

There are lots of stories from around the world of drivers going above and beyond their role of simply driving passengers to their destination, so here are five Uber drivers we think deserve a five-star rating…

1 – The driver who has it all

multiple things to use in uber

We’ve all been there. It’s early in the morning, you’re running late for that important meeting and no sooner do you jump into the Uber than you realise you’ve forgotten to brush your teeth. Or maybe it’s late at night after a stressful day and you can feel a headache coming on… whatever it might be, this Uber driver who picked up Redditor FlySupaFly has got your back with this incredible choice of free amenities! There’s even an additional phone charger should you need it.

2 – The one time you’ll be hoping for traffic!

Nintendo game in uber

Nobody likes sitting in traffic, right? Well if you were this lucky passenger you might be hoping that your journey through the city might take a little longer than normal. Another Reddit user, Sdizzle12 revealed that one Uber driver he rode with had a fully playable Nintendo N64 hooked up in his car for passengers to use during their trip.

3 – The McLaren driver

Uber Mclaren

If you are an Uber driver, when it comes to choosing the vehicle you want to use for your day-to-day work then typically you would want to choose a car that is both practical and economical. Uber provides new drivers with set requirements needed for vehicles (check out our guide here). Now and then though a driver comes along that deserves a five-star… just like this driver in Dubai who picked passengers up in a McLaren 650S!*

*worth noting this is not an everyday occurrence and was part of a special promotion from McLaren.

4 – When your bag has a better day out than you…

bag left in uber

Leaving your belongings in an Uber can be annoying, however, the platform luckily has an easy way to contact your driver so you can organise a way to get your items returned to you. This New Yorker got more than she was expecting when her former driver dropped her phone and purse back to her though… The driver had given her items a great day out exploring the city, whilst capturing it all on her phone!

5 – The driver who became a family

Uber driver with passenger

Now, this is probably one of the most heart-warming stories that we have come across. When Redditor Super_slide needed to get to the hospital for some tests, he booked himself an Uber to get there. Nothing too out of the ordinary there, however when his driver Beni realised his passenger had no family living in the city with him, he decided to remain by his side throughout the visit! What an incredible man.

These are just some of the thousands of stories out there from Uber drivers who have gone above and beyond their duties. However, every good Uber driver knows these stories cannot begin until they have secured the relevant insurance. Check out our cheap Uber insurance designed just for drivers like you.