Even though many people aren’t eager to talk about it, the truth is there are a lot of employees throughout the world that is very unmotivated.

In many cases, they simply aren’t interested in upward mobility or don’t care to perform their best at work. As a result, this is very challenging for a manager to deal with.

There was a study done by Dale Carnegie which showed that fewer than 25% of employees that aren’t in management are very engaged in their jobs and highly motivated. Therefore, this is a huge problem that has to be addressed. Basically, if employees aren’t motivated to do their best, then they simply won’t be as productive as they could be.

Therefore, it is essential that you implement motivation tactics in your company and we will now look at 5 ways you can do just that.

  1. Recognize the success of your employees and create goals

It is in human nature to want a challenge. So, if your employees simply come to work every day and they only have the same basic tasks to do every day without any particular goal, then they will likely become uninterested and unmotivated.

So, it is important that you create goals that are achievable so that your employees can work towards them. It will also help you to easily measure the performance of each employee. Using a work schedule maker you will be able to see your employee’s goals and their performance at a glance.

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In the event that you have employees that aren’t achieving these goals, then you will need to either help them to improve or let them go.

However, once they do achieve goals, you should always acknowledge them and celebrate this achievement. It isn’t necessary to go overboard, but something as simple as a special lunch or even a company-wide email showing recognition of their excellence and success will go a long way in improving motivation.

  1. Listen

Next, another thing that makes employees feel happy and motivated is when they know that they are being heard and that their needs are acknowledged and met. With that said, you don’t need to fulfil everything they ask for, however, you do need to listen to them.

For example, if an employee creates a new process or has new ideas for their job, you should listen to them, even if they seem odd. Most people want to be heard and if this need isn’t fulfilled, then they will simply stop caring about their job and the company.

  1. Good Pay

If you want to keep your best employees then you’ll need to pay them well. So, for example, if an employee’s performance is excellent, then they should get a raise in addition to being appreciated. Even if you can’t afford to increase salaries, you should look into implementing certain bonuses based on performance.

  1. Show That You Care

When a manager is interested in their employees and their future, this goes a long way in improving motivation. By helping employees to progress in the company as well as encouraging education and personal growth, it will make your employees feel important and valued by their manager.

So, if managers can become mentors and advocates for their employees, it will go a long way in improving overall motivation.

  1. Improve Company Culture

Always strive to make your company a place where your employees actually want to be. This means not only paying a good salary and benefits but creating a company culture that everyone enjoys. So, work on creating an atmosphere that is positive and upbeat where employees feel energized to work hard.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to have beer on tap in the office but offer additions such as free lunches, happy hour on Friday, various fun activities for team building etc.