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Mobile Beautician Insurance

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Mobile beautician insurance – Explained

The flexibility of using a mobile beautician is a life-saver for many clients. Having beauty treatments in your own home or at an event venue offers convenience and personalised service. Mobile beauticians need to make sure they have the right mobile beautician insurance cover in place so that if anything goes wrong during the treatment, they are fully protected.

Who needs it?

The term beautician covers a wide range of services, each with different methods, products and risks associated. If your mobile work includes any of the following, you should consider a mobile beautician insurance policy.

  • Mobile nail technician
  • Wedding makeup artist
  • Mobile spray tanning
  • Mobile hairdresser
  • Eyelash extensions at home
  • Mobile Manicures/pedicures
  • Sports massage

Types of Insurance for mobile beauticians

The main type of cover needed for mobile beauty businesses is liability insurance. This can take two main forms, public liability insurance, and treatment liability cover.

Public liability

This offers general protection against any claims made by a third party. If a client falls off your massage table and hurts themselves, or you spill products which damage their floors whilst working, this policy will cover any compensation or damages awarded from a claim.

Treatments liability

There’s always the risk that despite your best efforts, the treatment can go wrong. If a client claims against you as a result of a treatment you offered – perhaps suffering an allergic reaction to a product, or that a massage exacerbates an injury – then you could be liable for huge compensation costs. Treatment liability cover gives you peace of mind and protects your business against these types of claims.

How does it differ from salon insurance coverage?

The risks you’re exposed to working on the move are a bit different to those when operating out of fixed premises. Your policy cost will reflect your circumstances, and no two will be exactly alike.

The insurer will take into consideration how far you travel, where your work takes place, how your products are stored, what products you use, your training, and any other specific risks to consider.

What other cover do mobile beauticians need?

There’s a range of other types of coverage you can add to your insurance policy. Talk to your provider about whether you could benefit from:

  • Products and stock cover – covers the cost of replacement if your stock is damaged or stolen.
  • Business interruption insurance – If you’re unable to work due to illness or injury, this policy protects your income for a set period.
  • Equipment cover Equipment like massage tables and electrical equipment can be expensive to replace if they are damaged. This policy protects your assets so you’re not left out of pocket if you need to replace them.

Is mobile beautician insurance expensive?

The cost of mobile beauty therapist insurance policies depends on lots of factors. The best way to ensure you get a cost-effective policy is to talk to lots of insurers and get a range of quotes to compare.

Insurance is another cost you need to factor into the running of your business, but in the long run, it is worth having, as it could save you money if you end up having to make a claim.

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