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Face Painting Insurance

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What is face painting insurance?

Face painting has always been a popular choice for children’s parties, events, fetes, festivals and other special occasions. Many people who offer face painting do so on a casual, self-employed, or even volunteer basis, so face painting insurance is often not the first thing which comes to mind.

Face painting insurance is there to protect you financially if something goes wrong. Even if you’re only painting faces a few times a year, the cost of a compensation claim, if someone suffered a bad reaction to the paints you use, could be huge, so it’s important to make sure you are protected.

Why do I need face painting insurance?

The cost of compensation claims can run into the thousands. If someone makes a claim against you for something you did wrong, or accidentally, you could be left with a massive bill if you don’t have the right cover in place.

It could be something as simple as getting face paint on someone’s clothes during a face painting session, requiring professional dry cleaning. In more serious cases, if a client was to suffer an allergic reaction to the products you use or was scarred for life, you could be held liable for the cost of reconstructive surgery, loss of earnings, travel to and from the hospital and any legal costs.

What type of insurance coverage is best for you?

There is no legal requirement for face painters to have insurance coverage. However, because face painting involves dealing with members of the public, many face painters choose to take out public liability insurance.

Many venues will require contractors to have their public liability cover in place as a condition of working on the premises. For some local authorities, public liability insurance is a required condition for licensing too.

Having public liability insurance means that if a third party is hurt or you damage someone’s property, your insurance policy will cover any costs this incurs.

What other types of cover are available?

Some face painters may choose to take out additional cover for greater peace of mind.

Legal expenses cover. This will cover any legal costs arising from a claim from a client, venue or third party.

Business interruption or loss of earnings cover. If for any reason you are unable to work for some time, this policy would pay out either a lump sum or an agreed monthly rate. It can provide a good safety net and protect your other financial commitments while you are unable to work.

Do I need employers’ liability insurance to hire a face painter?

By law, if you are employing any member of staff you must have employer liability insurance in place. As many face painters work on a self-employed basis, hiring someone to work at an event you are running would not normally require employers’ liability cover.

How much does face painting insurance cost?

The exact cost of your policy will depend on your circumstances. Always shop around and compare at least three quotes to make sure you are not paying over the odds for your cover.

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