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Physiotherapist Insurance

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What is physiotherapist insurance?

Working as a physiotherapist, you’ll be used to helping clients from all works of life. Whether you treat your physiotherapy patients at a hospital, gym, private clinic, or in your home, you’ll need to make sure you have the right physiotherapist insurance cover in place to protect you should a client bring a claim.

Why do physiotherapists need insurance?

Accidents can happen, even for the most experienced physiotherapists. A client could claim you if they are injured or hurt in any way whilst receiving physiotherapy treatment. For example, if someone were to trip over your equipment and hurt their ankle, you could be liable.

It’s also possible your clients could claim that any treatment you offer has caused them further injury.

For peace of mind, and to protect your income, reputation and livelihood, insurance is a must for physiotherapists.

Insurance policies for physiotherapy businesses

  • Professional indemnity

This type of cover is also known as professional malpractice cover. It covers you if a client claims you have been negligent in a treatment you have provided. The policy will cover the costs of defending such claims, and also any compensation or damages payment that arise as a result.

  • Public liability insurance

This policy covers claims brought by third parties. If someone is hurt on your premises, or their property is damaged, you will need public liability insurance to cover the costs. For example, if you work in your client’s homes, and your equipment scratches a wall, meaning it needs redecorating, your public liability policy would cover these costs.

Additional physiotherapist cover

Employers’ liability if you employ any staff, even those on a trainee basis, you’re required by law to take out the employer’s liability cover. This protects you if a staff member (or ex-staff member) brings a claim against you, for example, if they are hurt during their work.

Office insurance – if your physiotherapy practice operates from your premises, you might want to consider office insurance. This protects the contents of your business, like computers which might hold vital patient records.

If your equipment is stolen, the policy will cover the costs of replacements so you can quickly get back up and running again.

Locum cover – If you need to provide temporary cover when staff members in your physiotherapy business are off work, either due to illness or injury, this type of policy will cover the cost of a replacement.

How much does physiotherapist insurance cost?

The exact cost of your policy will vary from person to person, as no two circumstances are exactly alike. Your insurer will take into account the level of coverage you need, your experience, where and how you run your physiotherapy business, and any past claims brought against you.

The best way to ensure you get the right coverage is to talk to more than one insurance provider. Compare a range of quotes, but make sure you’re only paying for the cover that you need.

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