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Nail Technician Insurance

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What is freelance and mobile nail technician insurance?

Working as a freelance nail technician gives you incredible flexibility. You can cut out the overheads of running a salon, and work in the areas which best suit you to keep your clients’ nails looking dazzling.

Mobile nail technicians still need to consider nail technician insurance. Whilst it might not seem a priority, especially if you are busy seeing your clients, if something goes wrong with a manicure, or a client makes a claim against you, you’ll want to make sure you’re not left footing a huge compensation bill.

Why do you need it?

It’s not just your client’s nails you need to worry about! Working as a mobile nail technician means working in lots of different homes, businesses and other venues. If you accidentally damage someone’s property while carrying out a treatment, you could not only lose that client but also be held liable for compensation.

For example

You spill nail polish on a client’s floor, requiring a whole new carpet and fitting costs to be covered.

Your client trips over the flex of your UV dryer, hurting their back and making them unable to work for a period. You could face a claim for compensation and loss of earnings.

What insurance cover is best for freelance nail technicians?

  • Public liability cover

Making sure you are protected if a third party brings a claim against you is a good idea for any business coming into contact with members of the public. Public liability insurance will protect you financially if someone is hurt or their property is damaged while you are working.

  • Treatments liability cover

While hopefully very rare, occasionally clients can suffer a bad reaction to a product or polish you use. Treatments liability cover is there to protect you if claims arise as a result of a service you carry out.

  • Takings insurance

If you’re taking payments on the go from your clients, you can protect yourself with takings insurance. This type of policy can give you peace of mind that you’re covered if your hard-earned takes are stolen. Check the wording carefully, as there may be conditions imposed like not leaving cash in your vehicle.

  • Products liability cover

If you sell any kind of aftercare products to supplement your manicure or pedicure services, you could benefit from product liability cover. This protects you if a product turns out to be faulty, or a client suffers a bad reaction or allergy to a product you’ve sold them.


How much does freelance nail technician insurance cost?

The exact cost of your policy will depend on your experience, the level of coverage you need and any qualifications you hold. Always shop around to compare the best quotes you can get from a range of different insurance providers.

I offer other treatments as well as mobile nails – do I need extra cover?

Many mobile nail technicians also offer treatments like spray tanning and eyelash extensions. You should inform your insurer if you offer additional treatments, to make sure you are still covered by your policy.

Is public liability a legal requirement?

No, but it is a good idea to protect yourself financially, as even with the most careful work things can still go wrong.

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