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What is spa insurance?

Running a successful spa means making sure your clients feel completely relaxed. As a spa owner, one way to ensure you too feel as relaxed as possible is to get the right spa insurance policy in place.

With so many different risks associated with running a spa, it’s important to know that your business is protected, whatever happens.

Why you should have it?

As spa owners know, running a spa business involves dealing with lots of different things – often all at once. Not only do you have to ensure your clients feel relaxed, but you must also ensure they are safe. If a client hurts themselves on your premises, even if only accidentally, you could be liable to pay compensation.

Spa owners also have to think about protecting expensive equipment, stock, premises and staff. All of these variables are essential components of running a spa. The right spa insurance means that you are financially covered if something happens to any of them.

What type of spa insurance cover is available?

  • Public liability

Most businesses that deal with the public take out public liability insurance. It protects you financially if a third party brings a claim against you.

In a spa, examples could be if a client slips over on a wet floor by the pool and injures themselves. Or if their personal property is lost or damaged on site – for example, if the changing rooms flood.

Public liability covers the legal costs of defending claims like these, and also any compensation ordered.

  • Treatment liability cover

Performing relaxing spa treatments is the mainstay of your business. But if something goes wrong with the treatment, for example, a client suffers a bad reaction to essential oil, you could be facing a claim.

Treatment liability insurance covers claims arising where your clients suffer some loss or injury as a result of treatment.

  • Employers’ liability cover

If you have staff in your spa, then by law you must have employer liability insurance in place. This protects you financially if a serving or ex-staff member brings a claim against you.

Performing massages and other treatments can sometimes be physically hard work. If a staff member is injured through their work, or simply has an accident, or their property is damaged, then this policy will pay any costs.

  • Product liability cover

Many spas sell products to be used as aftercare. If one of these products is faulty or harms your client, your business could be held liable for any costs. Having product liability insurance gives you peace of mind that you and your clients won’t suffer any losses because of your stock.

  • Premises insurance

If the worst happens to your spa and your treatment rooms or equipment is damaged, this can spell the end of your business. Repairing flood damage, replacing expensive equipment or having to redecorate after a flood will leave you significantly out of pocket.

Commercial property insurance will cover all the risks to your spa premises, and ensure that you can get back on your feet quickly if things happen beyond your control.

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