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Reiki insurance – An expert guide

The ancient Japanese therapy of Reiki is a healing technique using the palms to channel universal energy. It is said to promote healing and balance for clients. If you are a reiki therapist, it’s important to protect your business with the right reiki insurance policy. This means you can focus on offering the best service to your clients knowing that you are fully protected if anything goes wrong.

What type of cover is best for reiki practitioners?

Reiki insurance policies offer protection for a number of scenarios. Whilst reiki is a relatively low-contact therapy, any treatment for members of the public has inherent risks.

Reiki insurance policies mean that if anything unexpected happens to either a patient or your premises, you will not be financially compromised.

Public liability insurance for reiki businesses

Having public liability cover means that if a third party brings a claim against you, you are protected financially.

It will cover you if someone is injured at your reiki session, or if you accidentally damage their property. For example, if a client was to trip over a loose step in your treatment room, they could bring a claim for compensation.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you have any other therapists working for your reiki business, you will need to make sure that you have employer’s liability insurance in place. This type of cover is a legal requirement if you have staff and applies even if they are trainees or students.

Employers’ liability protects you financially if a staff member brings a claim against you, for instance, if they are hurt or injured while at work.

Treatment liability cover

Whilst Reiki is a gentle therapy, you will need to be covered in case anything goes wrong with a treatment and a client brings a claim against you.

Check with your insurer that the policy covers all the treatments you offer. If you decide to expand your business and offer new therapies, you will also need to inform your insurer.

Business premises cover

It’s important to make sure the place where you offer your reiki services is protected by the right policy. If something happens to your treatment room and you are unable to practice, you could be left without a source of income.

Business premises cover offers peace of mind, so you can focus on looking after your clients.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your policy will depend on a number of factors, so it’s important to talk to a range of providers to discuss the best option for your business. The final cost will be affected by the size of your business, whether you have staff, how long you have been practising, whether you have faced any claims in the past, and what level of cover you require.

Is reiki insurance required by law?

Strictly speaking, there is no legal requirement for a reiki practitioner to have insurance (except if you employ staff). However, many reiki healers do choose to protect themselves with insurance coverage, so they can be confident that they will not be left out of pocket if they need to claim.

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