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Microblading Insurance

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Microblading insurance – An overview

Microblading is having a moment, with many salons and freelance beauty therapists now offering the treatment. As a relatively new treatment, it’s important to understand what insurance is best if you decide to offer microblading.

What is microblading?

Microblading, or micropigmentation is a beauty treatment designed to enhance eyebrows, creating the appearance of thicker, fuller brows. As a form of semi-permanent makeup, microblading involves using a hand-held tool to create tiny incisions on the surface of the skin. Using pigments, the technician creates fine, feathery strokes which mimic the natural growth of the eyebrows.

Why do I need microblading insurance?

As you would expect with any semi-permanent treatment, there is always the risk that something could go wrong. Mistakes could leave your clients permanently scarred or disfigured. The compensation costs in cases like this can run into huge amounts, so having the right insurance is vital.

If your client is unhappy with the result of a microblading treatment, you need insurance to protect yourself financially. They may claim that you have been negligent in the way you perform the treatment and they are unhappy with the results. As the treatment breaks the skin, there is also the risk that the eyebrows could become infected, leading to further complications.

What type of cover do I need for microblading?

  • Public liability cover

This is not specific to microblading, and so will cover you for any claims arising if a member of the public claims you. Public liability insurance covers accidental property damage – for example, if you spill lotion into a handbag, or damage their clothing. It will also cover you if your client has an accident whilst on your premises, like tripping over your kit and hurting their ankle for instance.

  • Treatment liability cover

As a relatively new treatment, your policy must cover you for problems arising from microblading. Treatment liability cover protects you if a client suffers a bad reaction to a treatment, or if something goes wrong. Check the terms of your policy carefully. Most policies will be invalid if you are not suitably qualified to perform the treatment, or are acting without due care or attention.

  • Equipment insurance

Replacing your equipment if it is lost, damaged or stolen can be a significant expense. Business equipment insurance protects your assets so that if the worst happens you can carry on operating without being left out of pocket.

  • Employers’ liability cover

You must have employers’ liability insurance in place by law if your microblading business employs any members of staff. This also extends to trainees, students or placements. Employer’s liability insurance protects your finances if a staff member brings a claim against you, for example, if they are injured at work.

Microblading insurance FAQs

Does public liability cover a legal requirement for microblading

No. However, most businesses recognise the benefits of having cover in place and choose to take out public liability cover.

Do mobile microblading businesses need insurance?

The risks of microblading are similar to whether you work in a salon or on a mobile basis. Having microblading insurance in place if something goes wrong means you are financially protected.

How much does microblading insurance cost?

Policy costs will vary depending on the amount of coverage, the size of your business, and relevant experience. Always compare quotes to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

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