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Makeup Artist Insurance

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What is makeup artist insurance?

Makeup artists are in high demand for special occasions like weddings, fashion shows, productions and even birthday parties. Working as a makeup artist means coming into very close contact with your clients, so it’s essential to have the right insurance in place in case anything goes wrong.

So, if you’re trained as a makeup artist and are serious about protecting your business, here’s what you need to know about professional makeup artist insurance.

Why do you need it?

The makeup artist’s job is to make their clients look (and feel) fabulous with the right products and skilled application. If either of these two areas goes wrong, the results can be serious.

If a client suffers an allergic reaction to a product, for example, without insurance in place, you could be liable for compensation or damages payments. Even if you accidentally injure a client when applying makeup, they could still bring a claim against you, for example, if you slip and damage their eyes with brushes or applicators.

Makeup artist insurance gives peace of mind that you’re free to do the best job you can, knowing you are fully protected if things go wrong.

Covers you must have

Insurance is available for makeup businesses for both freelance or mobile and salon-based or self-employed businesses.

  • Public liability insurance

This type of cover protects you if you accidentally cause any damage to someone’s property or cause an injury or illness. For example, if you’re working on a client in their own home and you accidentally knock over or break an expensive ornament, or maybe spill products or a drink on their carpet it needs to be professionally cleaned. Having pubic liability insurance in place will cover these types of costs, meaning you won’t be left out of pocket.

  • Product liability insurance

This is slightly different to public liability; in that, you are covered for any product you use which turns out to be faulty. For example, if a seal on a makeup product is broken and you find that the product has leaked out onto your client’s bag. Or if a product is defective, and causes a bad reaction in a client, you are covered. This type of cover will NOT cover you if you’re simply applying products incorrectly though!

  • Stock or equipment cover

It’s likely that your palettes, brushes, products and carry cases represent a significant investment. If your stock is accidentally damaged or stolen, this type of cover means you’re able to replace your losses and keep your business up and running.

Save money on makeup artist insurance

The best way to ensure your premiums are as low as possible is to reduce any risk of a claim in the first place!

Always make sure your equipment, brushes and all products are kept clean, to reduce the risk of infections or bad reactions in your clients. Keep your equipment stored securely when not in use, to reduce the risk of theft and only use quality products.

You could save money on your policy if you increase the excess or agree to pay annually rather than monthly if possible. Compare quotes from a few different providers, and make sure you’re only paying for the cover you need for your circumstances.

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